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At IMYJOYLOTTO, we offer customizable bingo balls ,EVA Foam Drawing Balls,Ping Pong Ballsthat are designed to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need lottery balls for lotto machines, bingo games, or any other type of drawing machine, we can create them for you. Our bingo balls come in various sizes, weights, and materials, ensuring that you have the perfect ball for your game. We can even incorporate features such as RFID chips, which enhance security and tracking capabilities.
With IMYJOYLOTTO, you can trust that our customization expertise will deliver bingo balls and drawing machines that meet your specific needs. We prioritize quality, reliability, and customization to ensure the success of bingo games.
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Types of Bingo Balls We Made


EVA Solid Ball

3cm-8cm diameter,3.5g-10g

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RFID Ball Support Your API.

Customized EVA RFID Ball.

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EVA Solid Gold Or other colors.


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Bingo Ball As Different Color.

Customized bingo ball.

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LOGO,Number,Color Customized

Different Pingpong ball design.

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Lucky number,Color,Size

Different model as color, size,balls

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Get Your Custom Lottery Lotto Keno Bingo Balls

Imyjoy is a trusted lottery ball manufacturer with years of experience in creating high-quality lottery machine for various lotto keno lottery bingo industry. It specializes in manufacturing high-quality custom lottery machine with balls to cover various needs of customers. Here are your custom selections:

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Bingo balls Application


Bingo balls are flexible and useful devices that serve a variety of functions in diverse settings, adding an element of chance and fairness to numerous activities and events.

The utilization of a bingo balls elevates the engagement and excitement in online live streaming events.such as, Tiktok online show.

Features that Make Bingo Balls Unique


Customizable Designs

Our bingo balls are fully customizable, allowing customers to create unique designs that accurately represent their brand and product.

High-quality Materials

The choice of materials for a lbingo balls will depend on factors such as the intended use of the machine, and the aesthetic design considerations.


Bingo balls can be exciting and engaging for participants, adding an element of unpredictability and surprise to events.

Bingo Balls

EVA ball,Pingpong Ball personalized approach to selecting random numbers,logo, weight,size, material,with arylic ball holder .

Bingo Balls Design Details

As a leading manufacturer of bingo balls, we specialize in personal design solutions, including 1side, 2sides, 4sides, 6sides, 12sides, or other unique shapes, all with personalized LOGO options. Make your ball drawing experience with our diverse range, from Lucky Bingo Balls to solid EVA foam balls, customize to your specifications.
Whether you’re hosting raffle events or bingo nights, our bingo balls come in an array of colors, including vibrant bingo ball colors that add an exciting visual dimension to your draws. The option of EVA foam balls adds an innovative twist for raffle enthusiasts seeking something truly unique.
With attention to detail and a focus on excellence, our Solid Balls and Lottery Balls are crafted to enhance the excitement of every ball drawing event. Imagine the thrill of your chosen logo beautifully displayed on the surface of these balls, creating an unforgettable visual impact.

Why Choose Us

Professional Lotto Bingo Balls Factory

Our factory has a proven track record of producing high-quality bingo balls that are reliable, durable, and built to last. We use only the best materials and components in our machines, and each machine undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our strict quality standards.
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 Different bingo balls sizes and materials to custom logos and branding, we can create a machine that is uniquely suited to our clients’ requirements.
Normally ball diameter is 3.8cm,4cm,5cm,6cm… weight about 4g,7g10g…
Imyjoylotto factory can customize different size, weight,color,as your requirements.
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Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our bingos balls without compromising on quality. Our efficient production processes and economies of scale allow us to offer our clients affordable pricing without sacrificing quality or reliability.
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CE ROHS CCC Certification

Our bingo balls are of exceptional quality, boasting stable performance that has been tested in the market for 15 years. With certifications from CE, ROHS, and CCC, our machines are reliable, trustworthy, and deliver excellent results. Choose us for your lottery machine needs and experience the best in quality and performance.
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Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to our clients, from initial consultations to after-sales support. We work closely with our clients to ensure they are satisfied with their bingo balls are always available to answer any questions or concerns they may have.
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Bingo Balls FAQs


How many sides of Imyjoylotto bingo balls?

1side, 2sides, 4sides, 6sides, 12sides, or other unique shapes, all with personalized LOGO options.

EVA ball is solid foam; pingpong ball is ABS or PP material.

Bingo balls normal color: white,blue,red,green;

Other color for options such as pink, purple,gold,grey,black,deep blue,light blue,orange etc.

Imyjoy lotto draw machine is competitively priced, and the cost will depend on factors such as the models, features, and quantity,design, weight,colors,with RIFD chip or not  ordered. We offer bulk discounts and other promotional offers to help customers save money.

Normally 7days, depends on quantity and requirements.

Imyjoylotto accept standard model, MOQ is 1pcs;

also cusotmize as requirments, MOQ is 1000pcs;

if need make mould MOQ is 1000pcs.

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