What is lottery machine?

Lottery machine, also called lotto machine. It is a machine used to draw various prizes or select numbers. It is suitable for courts, government agencies, enterprises and institutions and other units that need to demonstrate fairness and justice, or for all activities that include lottery or number selection. The national lottery business uses lottery machines to draw prizes. Courts at or above the provincial level and relevant publicity departments will all use lottery machines as a symbol of fairness and justice.
In addition, many government departments or public institutions need to be open to the public due to social environmental requirements to show fairness. In addition, entertainment lottery activities have gradually become part of people’s work needs, so the demand for lottery machines is increasing day by day.
 In addition, In recent years, the rise of many emerging industries that require fair notarization has also increased the demand for lottery machines.
 However, as demand increases, competition within the industry becomes increasingly fierce. The quality of the products produced varies, and some products have some opaque links in the use process, which affects the fairness and justice of product use.
Lottery machines can come in different styles and structures.
1. Double selection: The stirring type uses a dual-speed adjustable motor to drive the 304 stainless steel scraper to stir the number balls.
                      The jet air driver  type uses an imported fully transparent acrylic ball barrel, and a high-power blower blows the solid ball.
2. Two options: the solid EVA ball adopts rubber standard number ball to solve the phenomenon of static electricity jumping;
    The table tennis ball is made of 100% material, which reflects fairness and justice (diameter is 4.0CM).
3. The lottery machine host is controlled by a microcomputer integrated circuit program.
4. The control panel can also be set according to customer needs. Please consult customer service personnel for details.
5. Using new linear guide rails and a dust-proof structure, the number balls can be drawn out smoothly to ensure the lottery process.
6. The barrel, fairway, and trunk of the lottery machine are all made of fully transparent high-density acrylic. Instead of fireproof boards, they are all covered with acrylic, which is dazzling and atmospheric.
7. The equipment can be equipped with an optional external video system, the video can reach 720P resolution, and supports up to 8 channels of video.
9. A wireless console can be ordered separately for use (the effective distance of wireless long-distance operation is up to 50 meters)
10. The machine is optional (some models can be equipped with colorful LED lights as standard, and the flashing mode can be set in various settings)
11. Machines of any size, color, and function can be customized for customers.
Instructions for use: Turn on the power, open the side door and put the number ball into the number selection room, close the door and press the number to be drawn on the control panel.

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